Rescued from Ultimate Distress – Palm 118

1. Purpose: What does Jesus come to do? We remember what Jesus came to do. The objective of God’s rescue story: Jesus entered the city to open the heavenly gate that leads into the presence of God.

2. Plan: How does Jesus  accomplish it? How is the gate into God’s presence opened? We celebrate with wonder how he did it!

  • HE COMES. The perfectly righteous one comes (26).
  • HE SHINES on us. He is the Light that has shined upon his people (27b).
  • HE PRAYS. The day when one prayed under supreme pressure and faced all odds confident in God (5–7);
  • HE EXPERIENCES HOSTILITY. The day when he met and overcame the massed forces of the world (10–12).
  • HE IS REJECTED. He is rejected by those in authority (22a).
  • HE DIES as the one and final sacrifice for sin on the altar (27).
  • HE IS RAISED and becomes the cornerstone (22b).

3. Power: What difference should this make in our lives? This story of rescue transforms us to… People marked by…

  • Honest Confession: Readily admit that times of distress cause us to despair, self-pity, to lash out at others and God.
  • Believing Prayer: Plead for help (25).
  • Grateful Delight: Worship with a thankful heart (24,26).
  • Fiercely declare our allegiance (28) You are my God, and I will praise you! You are my God, and I will exalt you.
  • Winsomely compel others to worship and give thanks for rescue (29).