Nursery (Birth -2K/3K)

Check-In and Check-out: The nursery is located on the second floor of Building B, which is to the left through the double doors of the Gathering Space. Only Parents/Guardians can check-in and pick-up children. Please fill out the appropriate visitor information card when you check-in and indicate any special needs/instructions.

What to bring for your child:  Please provide and label all bags, bottles, sippy cups, etc., with your child’s name. Include a change of clothing and a diaper in your child’s bag. Please do not bring food unless it is medically necessary.

Wellness Policy:  For the health of your child and others, please do not bring your child to the nursery if he/she is ill. The RPC nursery staff reserves the right to refuse admittance or will bring your child to you if they exhibit any signs of illness, including, but not limited to: fever, persistent coughing, yellow nasal discharge, diarrhea, skin infections or rashes (except diaper rash).