Adult Sunday School Classes

Adult Sunday School classes are not meeting currently because of COVID-19 limitations, but we are eager to resume this part of our church life. Historically adult classes have met at 9:45 am in the hour between our early and late worship services. The list belows shows each class and it’s typical attendee, but these descriptions are only typical, not exclusive. Please do feel free to visit any class to find one that is a good fit for you. Hopefully we will be abe to resume Sunday School in the near future!  


STRONG FINISHERS A101- 1st Classroom by Sanctuary (Older Men)
CONNECTIONSPortable #3 (30’s to 50’s)
TRANSITIONSB100-Whitwer Fellowship Hall (College to 40’s)
WHITWERB102- Rear of Fellowship Hall (Senior Adults)
WOMEN A102- 2nd Classroom by Sanctuary
BIBLE STUDIES CLASSB106 – (Kitchen Classroom)